Steampunk BDSM submissive jewelry gothic black rose ring goodbye gift for woman

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Steampunk BDSM ring “The Power of Goodbye”.

Each deep connection between man and woman is like an organism, like an animal living its own life. Both create this creature. Together. When the time comes… to break up … this organism starts feeling sick… and the voice is quiet in the beginning saying: “help”, after few months the voice is getting louder: “Help! I want to live!”, but nobody answers. Before dying this creature is very confused… like a small kitty whose owners threw him out.
This beautiful creature died in peace. But… amazing black rose grew up on this place, and it absorbed all pain and disappointment.

Everything passes, even a long winter. Best creation comes from goodbye!

Dimensions: 2.8 cm / 1.1 inch
Adjustable Brass

Gift box.